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Real Food.
Really Delicious.


Pasture-raised Pork, Chicken, Turkey, and Eggs, Certified Organic Vegetables,
and 100%Grass-fed Beef


Increasingly, we feel that labels are getting in the way of clean food. Do you want the organic chicken or the local, pastured eggs? What does “certified naturally grown” or “certified humane” mean, practically speaking? That is why we want our farm to be an open book. Come see for yourself. Ask us questions. Labels can be deceiving, but when you walk our fields you can make your own judgment about whether our food is what it purports to be.


Winter Farm Share

Add farm-fresh food to the bleakest months of the year with our monthly winter farm share.  Each month's share includes fresh vegetables from our greenhouses, a customized assortment of storage vegetables, our pasture-raised meats, and 2 dozen of our eggs.

Summer Market-style Share

Our flexible market-style share is ideal for customers who know they want to be a part of a farm, but prefer to choose what they take home and when they shop.  Members may join our summer share either at the Petworth Community Farmers Market or at our Farmstand.

Online ordering and Deliveries
Year round

Monthly deliveries to Chevy Chase (May-October) and Petworth (December-March) help us to keep our customers' kitchens stocked year round.  There is never any obligation to order, minimal order size, or delivery fee.  Just find the nearest delivery date, shop our online store, and let us bring the farm to a drop site near you!


Happy Animals


Certified Organic Vegetables

"No dessert until you eat your vegetables"

We think veggies have gotten a bad rap.  And we've made it our mission to help them shine as the star of the meal.  Our tomatoes are luscious.  Our carrots taste like candy.  Small children  eat our spinach raw, straight from the garden.  Ok, so not all small children, but definitely some.  We believe that healthy soil is the foundation of delicious produce, and that is why our vegetable garden is USDA certified organic.  


Farming with Nature

We believe that farms should integrate into their environment, not fight against it.  That is why we've taken 50 acres of corn and soy ground and returned it to certified organic pasture.  That's why guard dogs keep our chickens safe from apex predators like hawks and foxes (which we want to eat up all the voles!).  A healthy ecosystem is biodiverse--and so is a healthy farm. 


Eating is Fun!

Cooking should be too.  

We know you've got limited time, or limited money, or a family with a limited palate for new foods.  That's why we want to help you enjoy your farm food with a little drama as possible, and maximum deliciousness.  Here where we share some of our favorite ways to get real food, cooked by us, into our family's stomachs on a daily basis.